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The Catlins Area School has a reputation for high academic achievement. This is the result of smaller class sizes allowing our dedicated teaching staff to focus on the individual and provide them with high quality education. In the Senior School you start along the road of defining your future; it is an exciting time. Everyone will have different strengths. It is important that both you and your parents understand what qualifications you can get while you are in school and where these might lead.

Teaching staff through their experience will have advice about how well you might perform in their subject. This is not a guarantee but should be an indication of your strength in that subject and the workload required for you to be successful. They are not trying to squash dreams, but more trying to help you make informed decisions so that you don’t get half way through a year and realise you should have made different choices.
Most of our young people recognise that they have to gain qualifications in order to compete in the national job markets. Many go on to tertiary study. In the senior school, most subjects are delivered by a classroom based learning advisor, but a range of possible subjects is available through various distance learning providers. Senior learners’ programmes are often individually tailored to meet their needs. A strong Gateway programme provides significant support for those senior learners wishing to enter the workforce.

Your parents and whanau can guide you on your Pathway and help you at home, your teachers can provide you with the information and understandings you need, the school can support you with any challenges along the way and, the community is a resource to help you transition toward further study or education beyond the school classroom. Everyone has a role to play in your journey.

Please take your time to read these resources and fully understand the options available to you. The courses and standards outlined in each description illustrate the possible course outline. The actual course will vary based on individual student skill level and areas of specific interest. Discuss these courses and information sets with your parents and feel free to contact the school for advice. Remember it is your future and the decisions you make will lead you down your chosen path.

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